Inventory Planning

Integrated Planning System Demonstration

by Kien Leong

on August 12, 2016

Integrated Planning System Replenishment Chart

See how an Integrated Planning System in Excel can plan inventory, materials, capacity and production.

View a 10 minute demonstration video and get the complete system free from any software licensing costs.

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DDMRP Stock Distribution

Demand-Driven MRP in an Excel Planning System. See a demo system and get a free, fully-functional copy of the DDMRP planning system in Excel.


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Module Cubes

How Excel-based modules can combine for a flexible planning system.


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Webinar Spheres

We are launching webinars to help you with planning and scheduling in Excel.

Here is how you can watch us build, set up and use these free downloadable tools.

Pre-register for our first webinar coming up soon!


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Hard Inventory Allocation

Setting service levels usually starts with inventory.

Here’s a way to improve supply for important customers, that doesn’t involve inventory sizing.

And it doesn’t involve production either…


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