Production-Scheduling.com is an information resource for professionals involved in operations planning and scheduling.  It provides best practices for building advanced planning and scheduling systems using spreadsheets.

This site provides helpful support to operations professionals who are frustrated by the limitations of conventional MRP/ERP systems.  The techniques on this site have been used by companies of all sizes to run effective planning and scheduling of resources and material in response to customer demand.

From small enterprises to multi-nationals like Toyota, Shell and Unilever, users have built systems and tools to better allocate resources, meet confident order promises and establish a fast, simple and cost-effective scheduling capability.

To hear from our clients themselves, please visit the testimonials page.

You will find information on principles, tools and techniques that covers the core planning logic together with the system know-how in Microsoft Excel.

Production-Scheduling.com is supported by Kinetica, a consultancy with a focus on process optimization for the self-empowered company.

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