Build Your Own Material Planning Tool – Replays, Downloads and Pre-Registration Form

Here is the download and replay from the Webinar –

Webinar Replays

How to Build Your Own Material Planning Tools in Excel

Webinar Replay: 13:00 GMT, Wednesday 4 March, 2020
Click here to watch replay

Webinar Replay: 19:00 GMT, Wednesday 4 March, 2020
Click here to watch replay

Extending the Material Planning Tool

On Wednesday 11 March 2020 at 4pm GMT we had a follow-up webinar. We extended the Material Planning Tool and customised it with the following:

  • How to apply lead-times and offsets to the Material Planning Tool
  • Adding Finished Product inventory and Production Orders
  • Managing inventory to dynamic min-max levels
  • Creating order schedule reports for suppliers
  • Plus… more chance to get other questions answered

Webinar Replay: 16:00 GMT, Wednesday 11 March, 2020
Click here to watch replay

NOTE: Each webinar was recorded live and covers the same content for the first 55 minutes. The Q&A goes on for another 17 minutes (13:00 GMT) and 35 minutes (19:00 GMT). Naturally the Q&A is unique to each so you may get extra content!

Download the Material Planning Tool and Template

Click here to download the Material Planning Tool and Template

This zip folder includes:

  • The Development Template
  • The Twenty Minute Material Planning Tool
  • The Extended Material Planning Tool
  • Source data

Material Planning Tool – Instructions for Use

  • Enable macros to run on your computer (if you haven’t already done this). Here is a guide for enabling macros.
  • Unzip the folder directly to your C Drive. You should have a folder on your computer called C:\P-S_Material_Planning/Data
  • Open the Material Planning Tool and hit the “Update” button on the Menu sheet.
  • Use the “Output” button on each Query Sheet (SalesOrders, BOM, Purchase Orders and Inventory) to save any data changes.

Preregistration Signup

This form is for people who are interested in our upcoming Build Excel Tools Course. There is no commitment. Sign up and get a special early-bird offer when registration opens.

We have developed a draft of the course and here is the overview so far:

  • Key Design Concepts for Building Excel Planning Tools
  • Templates, Tools and Systems – How and when to use them
  • The complete guide to the Fast Excel Development Template
  • Designing a Data Flow for Planning Processes
  • Build the Material Planning Tool
  • Build the Capacity Planning Tool
  • Design concepts for Reporting

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