Capacity Planning – QuickStart Webinar Part 1


Here is the download link.


  • Watch the webinar replay first. The system will make much more sense.
  • Download the zip file and extract directly to your C Drive. You should have these folders:
    • C:\P-S_Quickstart
    • C:\P-S_Quickstart\Data
  • If you have not run macros or used external data before then do this:
  • File > Options > Trust Center > Trust Center Settings >
    • .. Macro Settings >
      • ..Check “Enable All Macros (this is highly recommended as useful code can run)”..
      • Check “Trust Access to the VBA Project Object Model”..
    • External Content > Check “Enable All Data Connections (also recommended)”
    • OK > OK
  • You will only have to do this once per machine
  • Open the file Capacity_Planning_Training_End_v2.xlsm
  • View the slides and data (blue tabs)
  • Run the tool from the Menu Sheet “Update from Local”
  • Change the dataset in the “FilePath Data Local” box and use the “Update Text Files Location” button
  • Run again as step 6.
  • View results in Reports (yellow tabs).
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