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Dynamic Adaptive Scheduling – Advanced Level

Welcome to the Dynamic Adaptive Scheduling course! The Dynamic Adaptive Scheduling System is an Excel-based modular system used for production planning and scheduling. This course shows you how to operate the system with our example data, set-up with your own data and then how to customise and expand the system.

Fast Excel Development Template Fundamentals Course

The Fast Excel Development Template It has no planning logic built into The Fast Excel Development Template (FEDT) is a toolkit for building planning and scheduling tools in Excel. It contains functions and templates that can quickly build out common data, calculation and reporting processes.

Fast Excel Development Method e-Learning

Welcome to the Fast Excel e-learning program.  Here you will find a tutorials on each of the core modules that comprise the Fast Excel Development Method. The Fast Excel Development Method is a set of techniques for a building planning and scheduling system in Excel.  The modules are designed to

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