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The Fast Excel Development Template

The Fast Excel Development Template

The Fast Excel Development Template (FEDT) is a toolkit for building planning and scheduling tools in Excel.

It contains functions and templates that can quickly build out common data, calculation and reporting processes.

It has no planning logic built into it. However, it an be used to build a wide variety of planning tools used in manufacturing and supply chain.

The Fundamentals Course

The Fundamentals Course contains the foundation knowledge for using the Development Template. It gives an introduction to key concepts of the Fast Excel Development Method (FEDM), which is covered in more detail in the Fast Excel Development Method e-Learning. This Fundamentals course takes the Excel concepts of the FEDM and shows how you can apply and automate them in the process of creating planning tools.

This course starts with an introduction and an overview to the whole FEDT workbook file. Inside, there are five template sheets and one course module per template sheet. Then, there is a whole build of a capacity planning tool which can serve as an exercise or a demonstration, using all template sheets in the process of making a usable capacity planning tool.

This course has been expanded in April 2023 to include new content to support FEDT version 4. These new features enable a “no-code” approach and building automated Excel workbooks without VBA. They also enable you to build modular systems that bring more scalability, flexibility and reliability to Excel development.

Chapter 9 covers the updated content for version 4.3 and above.

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