DDMRP in Excel – From Idea to Execution

How to use Excel in every step of the process:from sizing the benefit to running a DDMRP planning system

Your Hosts:

Kien Leong

Tony Rice


Webinar Times:






What you’ll learn on this webinar:

  • A simple method to find the true benefits of DDMRP in your manufacturing.  Discover the target area that gives the quickest return on investment.
  • How to get started with Excel tools that can support you through the every step of the DDMRP process.  Go from idea to execution, without spending a cent on software. 
  • The reasons why companies of all sizes – from a 10-person factory to Coca-Cola – use Excel to perform their pilot DDMRP project.  Hint: the #1 reason has nothing to do with cost!

Places on the live webinar are limited! Reserve your seat now and join us live for the webinar that will change the way you think about spreadsheets…

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