DDMRP in Excel Starter Pack

Everything you need to set up a DDMRP implementation. 
With Software that you already own – Excel.

Move from A ->B with DDMRP

A Complete DDMRP System built in Excel for 1/50 of the cost of Software
Live Training Course – Get It Working with Your Data in 4 Weeks
Expert Support from Consultants With Decades of Experience
Optional: DDMRP Self-Study Course – Certified Training to become a Demand Driven Planner

DDMRP is a process.  To be successful, you need to understand this process and experience it working at full scale.  If you have 100’s or 1000’s of parts, it is not possible to do it manually.  However, if you want to implement DDMRP in software,  you will need $50,000 investment and a minimum of 6 months.

The DDMRP in Excel Starter Pack uses software you already have: Microsoft Excel.  You will get a set of workbooks that operate as a system – calculate buffers, generate supply orders and produce reports – all at the at the click of a button.  We have done all the development and formulas so you don’t have to.  Leaving you free to get the process of DDMRP working in your company.

Design, implement and deploy DDMRP planning process.  At 1/50 of the cost and 1/4 of the time of doing it with software.

A fully Functioning DDMRP System in 4 weeks

Design, implement and deploy DDMRP planning process. At 1/50 of the cost and 1/4 of the time of doing it with software.

Open and Unlocked Spreadsheets that you own for life

No licences, no locked code.  Everything open and easily customised.

Learn How it Works from the Developer and How to Customise it to fit Your Business

We will walk you through the process of setting it up, running the system “dry” to practice and prepare for full implementation.  All inside 4 weeks.

What is Included

Fully Functional DDMRP System in Excel
Populated with Example Data. Swap it out for your own data OR
…Directly integrate with your MRP or ERP System
Four Course Modules delivered live by webinar with Q&A
Foundation e-Learning Course on Excel Development
The Fast Excel Development Template that was used to build the system

The DDMRP Excel System

The DDMRP Excel System contains 16 core modules and covers every step of configuring, implementing and executing DDMRP in your company.  It contains:

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