Dynamic Adaptive Scheduling Webinar

Webinar Replay

Naturally, we hope that you are able to watch the webinar replay all the way through. However, if you are pushed for time, here is a contents list. Before downloading the system, please watch from 23:07 to 34:52 as a minimum so that you understand the basics of how to run it.

Times are Mins:Secs on video player

00:10 Welcome and Introduction

04:06 Business Context: Make-to-Stock and Make-to-Order. How to decide? Trends and economic issues

23:07 Important overview of Dynamic Adaptive Scheduling System – Why so many workbooks?

26:05 Begin of Dynamic Adaptive Scheduling Demo Session – Ah, that is how it works!

34:52 Start of Q&A

60:18 End of Content: begin bonus discussion

80:45 End of webinar


Here is the download link for the system.

Follow these steps to get it working on your computer:

  • Unzip the file directly to your C Drive
  • You should have C:\Dynamic_Adaptive_Scheduling and C:\Dynamic_Adaptive_Scheduling\Data
  • Open the Master Module
  • Enable macros if have not run before (in the yellow bar or in Options>Trust Center Settings>Macro settings)
  • Enable External Data if have not run before (in the yellow bar or inOptions>Trust Center Settings>External content)
  • Press “Update from Local”
  • Play with the Scheduling Workbench

To Take It Further

Dynamic Adaptive Scheduling course (xlsm.co/das)

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