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Essential Techniques for
Planning and Scheduling in Excel

The Fast Excel e-Learning program gives you the foundation Excel skills required to develop operations planning and scheduling systems.

This on-line course provides a toolbox of Excel and Data modeling techniques that are needed to build a system.

Watch and listen as an instructor teaches the principles and then performs the action right there on the screen.  This e-Learning was developed and narrated by Tony Rice, the founder of, and has been taught to thousands of professionals who have built their own systems around the world.

It comprises over four hours of video and audio tutorials of video and audio, divided into nineteen modules that make it easy to consume in a step-by-step approach.

  • Design Principles
  • Dynamic Named Ranges
  • Recording A Paste Down Macro
  • Joining Tables
  • Pivot Tables Part 1
  • Pivot Tables Part 2
  • Working with Dates
  • Importing Text Files
  • Exporting Text Files
  • Linking Workbooks
  • Matrix to Normalized Table
  • Multiple Macros
  • Exploding Tables
  • Stacking Tables
  • Advanced Filter
  • Microsoft Query
  • PivotCharts
  • Making a Menu
  • Macro Maker

The Fast Excel e-Learning tutorials are delivered online.  The cost is $200 for a lifetime subscription.

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