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2-Hour Workshop to Operate and Set-Up with Your Data

26 July 2022, 3pm to 5pm [GMT+1] on Zoom

  • Includes multiple scenarios of data
  • Exercises to run through different planning scenarios
  • Switching out the data with your own
  • Data Interface Module basics to connect with ERP
  • Question and Answer

Here is the recording for this workshop.

Half-Day Workshop to Build and Customise

  • Review Fast Excel Development Techniques Template
  • Modular System and How to Customise and Fit Your Business
  • Process Flow for Scheduling Workbench
  • Exercise 1:  Integrating the MRP Module
  • Exercise 2: Adjusting and Extending Scheduling Logic
  • Prepared questions “Can you show me how..?”

Available to watch on-demand now! We have converted the original half-day workshop to e-learning. You can access the full 4 hours of content to watch videos on-demand.

We will hold a Q&A webinar during the same period as the original workshop, reduced duration: 9 August 2022, 3pm to 4pm [GMT+1] on Zoom

If you registered for the original half-day workshop then you can still use the original and the time has been adjusted. If you have not registered, you can here: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_hvokP5hYR-SG7gjAjjI1YA

Here are the full e-learning modules:


Please choose the “Login” option if you see the screen below:


This is the download for the Dynamic Adaptive Scheduling System.

Dynamic Adaptive Scheduling LITE+ Version – This is the version we use for Workshop 1 to Operate and Set-up. This is also the starting point for Workshop 2.

Dynamic Adaptive Scheduling MRP Version – This is the version that we build in Modules 2.1 to 2.8 (originally Workshop 2)

  1. Download file and unzip directly to your C Drive
  2. You should have these folders: C:\Dynamic_Adaptive_Scheduling and C:\Dynamic_Adaptive_Scheduling\Data
  3. If you have not run macros before then follow these steps to enable them
  4. Open the workbook: 0_Master_Module_v01.xlsm
  5. Hit the “Update from Local” button
  6. The Scheduling workbench should run automatically and you can interact with it

Please view the “Dynamic Adaptive Scheduling” webinar below for a overview and starter tutorial on how it works.


Here is the course page for the Dynamic Adaptive Scheduling Workshops. It includes the replay content from Workshop 1.

Fast Excel Development Template Fundamentals Course

Please go through this course in your own time. It is a pre-requisite to the Build and Customise workshop above and will be useful for the Operate and Setup workshop.

You can view all modules here:


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