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We provide you with a complete integrated planning system built in Excel and three 1.5 hour webinars to show you how to use it.

The Integrated Planning System contains the following modules:

  1. Parameters.  Manages the settings of the system.
  2. Data Interface.  Holds the ODBC or text file connections with input data from a host ERP/MRP system.
  3. Forecast Consumption.  Processes the forecast and combines with sales orders to make total demand.
  4. Product Replenishment.  Projects the consumption of finished goods inventory and creates replenishment orders.
  5. BOM Processor.  Takes a multi-level BOM and creates a Product BOM for demand explosion at all levels.
  6. MRP Multi-Level.  Performs Gross-to-net calculations from inventory, demand and supply orders.
  7. Inventory Management.  Performs analysis on the distributionof inventory cover and turns for all items.
  8. Capacity Planning.  Compares load and capacity hours for every workcenter each week.
  9. Finite Scheduling.  Calculates Start- and Finish-times for all work orders within finite capacity constraints.
  10. Purchasing.  Generates Purchase Orders to place, chase, cancel and postpone.
  11. Reports.  All system outputs in a single workbook with graphs, charts and tables.

We supply a fully-functioning, unrestricted system that is open and free from workbook protection.  It can be customised for additional inputs, process logic and reports.

This package will also provide 4.5 hours of webinar where the developers of the system show you how to prepare input data, set up the system and run it.  We will take you through the method of planning and techniques to manage the system using screen-sharing and webinar interaction.  After the three webinars you will be able to:

  1. Gather, clean and prepare input data from your company.
  2. Configure the Data Interface to transform your specific input files to the standard table format.
  3. Run the Integrated Planning System with our sample data and understand the reports.
  4. Take action on purchasing, scheduling production orders and capacity planning.
  5. See the results of the action reflected in an updated run.
  6. Perform “What-If” scenarios and make multiple runs of the system at the touch of a button.
  7. Set up the Reports for multiple users.
  8. Troubleshoot typical problems and errors.
  9. Customise a simple report.

Webinar 1

Setting up input data, Parameters and the Data Interface Module
Thursday 30 June, time TBC

Webinar 2

Running the Modules, Interpreting the Reports and Taking Action
Thursday 14 July, time TBC

Webinar 3

Customizing Reports and Implementing the System
Thursday 21 July, time TBC

The Integrated Planning System and Webinar Package costs $570 .

guarantee We offer a complete, no questions asked 30-day guarantee.  If you aren’t totally satisfied after viewing all the webinars then just let us know and we will refund the complete payment.

Any questions or to arrange alternative means of payment, please contact us through email to
[email protected]

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