Integrated Planning Workshop

Integrated Planning Workshop for Demand-Driven Production

We all face the challenge of shrinking lead-times, demand for a wider mix of product and pressure to improve cash-flow.

Demand-driven production enables manufacturers to transform their operational response to customer demand. This is based on a combination of lean and flow manufacturing techniques that eliminate waste, reduce forecast dependency and link processes to real-time changes in orders and consumption.

It is understood that this approach involves improvements to production execution through changes on the factory floor. However, the true success of demand-driven production lies in the hands of the planner. The time between receiving demand and releasing it to production is the most critical element of order fulfillment.

Without a fast, responsive capability of demand processing and work-order release, all the factory floor efforts become “Random Acts of Lean” that fails to link process improvements with the financial performance of the business.

Demand, Production and Material Planning is required to strike the right balance between MRP and demand signals; to know when to use the forecast and when to use Kanban. The planning process is expected to connect the sales plan with the actual intake of orders and customer requirement.

This two-day Integrated Planning Workshop will provide operations management with the tools and techniques to successfully enable demand-driven planning. This approach will provide hands-on experience with powerful planning methods and a way to design planning tools that can be integrated with the ERP/MRP system. The result will be a fast, robust planning capability that can collapse lead-times whilst reducing working capital consumed in inventory.

What you will need to participate

This workshop is designed for managers and professionals in Operations, Production, Planning, Supply-Chain and IT.  It is aimed at participants who have successfully completed Demand Flow® Technology (DFT) workshops or who are experienced in DFT or lean production techniques.

The workshop will require:

  • Knowledge and understanding of planning and scheduling methods.
  • Knowledge of DFT and/or Lean principles, terms and techniques.
  • Foundation Excel skills and literacy.
  • Basic user knowledge of any MRP/ERP system.
  • A Windows laptop computer loaded with Excel 2003 recommended 2007, macro-capable security settings.

This workshop will NOT require:

  • Programming, coding or IT administrator skills.
  • Software Licenses for anything other than that stated above: before, during or after the workshop.
  • Specific user knowledge of any particular MRP/ERP systems eg. SAP or Oracle.
  • 3rd Party or proprietary packaged software.

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