Planning and Scheduling for Manufacturers Using Excel Modules

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Title: Planning and Scheduling for Manufacturers Using Excel Modules
Date: Tuesday, November 19, 2013
Time: 4:00 PM – 4:40 PM GMT

Which materials to buy, in what quantity?
How much inventory do you need on-hand to meet customer demand?
Can you meet the promised date for this new customer order?

Simple questions that are essential to every manufacturing and distribution business.

An integrated planning system can provide answers. But many systems are complicated, expensive and difficult to implement.

So, in the meantime you use Excel Spreadsheets. Disconnected, risky spreadsheets with a lot of cut-and-paste.

Would you like to see an alternative?

The consultants at have developed a planning system built with modules.

– Forecasting & Inventory Planning
– Material Requirements Planning — MRP
– Capacity Planning
– Finite Production Scheduling

Each function is delivered with modules. Use one module and get one function. Use all modules and get everything. The modules are contained in simple Excel Workbooks with no need for additional software.

This webinar will show you how they work and can benefit your business. Make reliable predictions and confident decisions on what to buy, make and sell.

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