Fast Excel Development Template v4.2.0 Webinar – Modular Systems

Here is the replay of the webinar held 1-November-2022. This is the release of the Fast Excel Development Template version 4.2.0 which supports the development of modular systems.

Webinar Replay


Here is the system that we demonstrate. It is a simple forecasting, demand planning and inventory planning system. No BOM or MRP in this one, just finished goods. The idea is to show the modular system concepts rather than provide a system that will suit any manufacturer.

Download folder with Demo Modular System and Development Template

As always, here are the instructions to use:

  1. Watch the webinar replay first. The system will make much more sense.
  2. Download the zip file and extract directly to your C Drive. You should have these folders:
    • C:\P-S_Modules
    • C:\P-S_Modules\Data
  3. If you have not run macros or used external data before then do this:
    • File > Options > Trust Center > Trust Center Settings >
    • .. Macro Settings >
      • ..Check “Enable All Macros (this is highly recommended as useful code can run)”
      • .. Check “Trust Access to the VBA Project Object Model”
    • .. External Content > Check “Enable All Data Connections (also recommended)”
    • OK > OK
    • You will only have to do this once per machine
  4. Open the Master Module, hit update from local and run
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