Data Process Flow

People turn to Excel for production planning and scheduling systems for flexibility. It is rare that off-the-shelf production planning software will fit a business perfectly. Every company has different products, processes and markets. Their challenges and circumstances make them unique.

The Fast Excel method allows you to leverage this flexibility whilst preserving principles that ensure effective scheduling systems across any industry. You know your business better than anyone. Our techniques allow to to bring the power of software development to Excel and develop powerful production planning software system whilst focusing on the business logic.

The data and logic processes are represented in by Excel worksheets. Each sheet brings in data, performs a logic step and then presents it to the next sheet. Here is a visual way to define and communicate the logic.

By keeping the data flow across worksheets left-to-right, production scheduling systems work to a logical process flow. This will help you maintain a strong and clear linkage between the planning and scheduling processes and the data calculation processes.

Any person trained in the methodology can follow the structure of a system by browsing the worksheets, even if they have not been directly involved in the development project. This enables the method to scale across factories, business units and even companies.

Click here to download a sample system and view a demonstration video that shows how this data and process flow works across a live example.

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