Define Logic

Define logic in a single place

As you learn the Fast Excel method, this is one of the most powerful techniques you will use. With this method, you will define the logic and calculation formula in a single cell, and then apply it to thousands of cells at a single stroke.

The moment Excel performs the calculation, the values are fixed in the cell, removing any live formula from the data table. This eliminates the risk of inconsistency and error because the formula is applied at the right time in the calculation sequence and then frozen as values.

This method uses a development technique called Paste-Down Macro. It complies to recognized principles of software systems because it leverages the concept of normalized tables.

Simply by applying the normalized tables concept and using the macro recorder, you can easily set the logic for calculation at the top of each worksheet and then apply it to all records in the data table. This aids a fast and reliable development process because it reduces the need for checking of cells and conveniently places all calculation logic in the same row for every worksheet.

Click here for a 20-minute tutorial on Paste-Down Macros.

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