How to Build a Business System with no Coding – Webinar Replay

A replay from our webinar – How to Build a Business System with no Coding.

Original Invite

Have you ever been frustrated by a computer system that didn’t fit the process it was meant to support?

Perhaps one reason is: Most business software is off-the-shelf. Yet, few company owners say that their business started that way.

The lack of fit between system and business process is a leading reason for business software failure. And why there are so many spreadsheets in companies that have spent millions on ERP.

Part of the problem is a chasm between software development and an understanding of the process it is intended to support.

It doesn’t have to be like this: Systems development doesn’t have to be tied up with software programming.

This webinar will show a way for business people who know their process to develop robust systems without a need for software coding expertise.

In this event you will learn:

  1. The number one best practice in developing business software – something that doesn’t involve coding at all.
  2. How to rapidly develop and test a system – in days and weeks rather than months and years for custom software.
  3. How to develop robust systems using spreadsheets that can go to enterprise scale.

You will also come away with practical examples and a template to use.

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