How to Build a Material Planning Tool… In Ten Minutes!

A Video on learning how to build a Excel planning tool with our Fast Excel Development Method

The webinar for How To Build Your Own Material Planning Tool in Excel is available here to watch on-demand.

The next webinar takes the Material Planning Tool and extends it to the following:

  • How to apply lead-times and offsets
  • Adding Finished Product inventory and Production Orders
  • Managing inventory to dynamic min-max levels
  • Creating order schedule reports for suppliers
  • Plus… more chance to get other questions answered

I’d like to show you how to build a planning tool for a manufacturing company in just 10 minutes.

We have something called the Fast Excel Development Method. It is a way of building powerful tools for planning and scheduling very quickly.

Going back a few years, we released a video called “the Ten-Minute Material Planning Tool”. This is a tool that handles 1000’s of rows of data but was built in just 10 minutes.

In order to work this quickly, you’d imagine that we had to start with a template. And we did… but it’s not what you’d might have in mind.

Excel Planning Templates vs. Development Templates

Here it is. Yes, it looks like a blank sheet – totally empty. This is because it is not a PLANNING template.

A planning template might have a structure with rows and columns that defines a planning process.

We did’t use that. We used a Development Template. The intelligence in the template is not visible in the sheet so that is why it looks empty.

At we rarely use planning templates. We prefer to build Excel planning tools to fit the situation- they are much more flexible and powerful.

And the good news is that building your own Excel planning tools can be a lot easier than trying to fit the planning process into someone else’s template.

A Webinar on how to build your own Excel Planning Tools

I’d like to share the Development template and show you how to use it. I invite you to join us on a training webinar.

In this webinar, we are going to build the ten minute material planning tool. I’ll walk you through the process … take the blank development template and build it from scratch.

The tool will take demand, explode it against the BOM and compare that with inventory and purchase orders.

It will then project the inventory into the future and calculate availability and shortages.

The webinar is a full hour and that gives us time to explain each step. This way you can follow along and use the training to build your own.

Material planning is the example. But once you learn this method you could use it for any kind of planning. Or any other kind of spreadsheet tool.
If you want to get the development template, the finished tool and learn how to use them – for free – then simply register now below this video and save a seat in the next session.

We offer a choice of times but we always do these webinars live so there will be plenty of chance for Q&A. So, click “Reserve my Seat” below and then put the date and time in your calendar.

I look forward to seeing you on the webinar.

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