How to Build Your Own Capacity Planning Tool in Excel

We would like to show you how we built our Capacity Planning Tool.

Our most popular free download is the Capacity Planning Tool. It has downloaded over 35,000 times since we released version 2.0.

Our most popular video is the Ten Minute Material Planning tool. This covers inventory, supply and demand. It looks at material availability and shortages.

We would now like to combine these two concepts into one. Here is a webinar where we will build a simplified version of the Capacity Planning tool from scratch – live!

Our Fast Excel Development Method and Template means that we can build planning and scheduling tools very quickly. So, to demonstrate the process of building a tool (and capacity planning for manufacturing) we will walk you through the process and explain along the way.

Webinar – How to Build Your Own Capacity Planning Tool

Thursday 12 March, 2020
1pm GMT (2pm CET, 6:30pm Delhi, 8am Eastern)
7pm GMT (8pm CET, 11am Pacific)

Also an extra option for Asia Pacific and ANZ timezones.

You will learn:

  • Key concepts and method to rapidly build your own planning tools.
  • the full data flow from demand, the BOM, routing explosion, shifts and workcenters  – 1000’s of rows of data calculations done in seconds.
  • How to quickly build your own capacity planning reports.
  • How rough-cut capacity planning and finite scheduling work together.

The core content is covered in the first 60 minutes.  Then Q&A for another 20-30 minutes.  You will get a download link immediately after the event with the Template and the finished Capacity Planning Tool.

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