How to Build Your Own Material and Production Planning and Scheduling Tools in Excel

Our Fast Excel Development Methodology is designed for rapid building of planning and scheduling tools in Excel.

We have been using this to build the material and production planning and scheduling tools in Excel that you see on this site

Now, we have a webinar to show you how the Fast Excel Development Methodology works, using a material planning tool as an example.

Before I invite you to join, here is some background.

Our Most Popular Video…

Some time back, we recorded a video called Build a Material Planning Tool in 10 Minutes. It showed us using the method to create a simple material planning tool that took demand, purchase orders and inventory and calculated the availability or shortages of all materials needed for each sales order.

The video was so popular that we had to upgrade our hosting account to be able to handle the traffic!

We want to expand the learning and download resources on this site. We are now working on a revamp and there is lots of new content coming. The webinars we offer are part of this.

Webinars help us to do two things:

  • Provide interactive teaching through screen-share and video about building and using Excel Planning Tools
  • Get feedback from the subscribers and visitors to this site about what problems they are trying to solve so we can better help them

Fast Excel Demonstrations are back!

We are starting to run some more demonstrations, showing how to quickly develop planning and scheduling tools for a variety of applications. These include Material Planning, Capacity Planning and Inventory Analytics.

Rather than just rattling off a ten minute demonstration, this time we are going to take an hour to explain each step and use the build as a teaching example for the principles that we use to build the material and production planning and scheduling tools in Excel that you see on this site.

The resulting Material Planning tool will be a little more comprehensive than the “Ten Minute” version. We will explode Demand through the BOM and then compare with supply from Inventory and Purchase Orders. There is a a graphical view of the inventory projection.

Webinar – How to Build Your Own Planning and Scheduling Tools in Excel

Learn how to create your own Excel planning and scheduling tools for a manufacturing business. Some people want a spreadsheet tool so that it will solve their planning problems at the push of a button.

Others want to take it apart. Figure out how it works. Adapt it and build their own. If you’re like them, then this webinar is for you.

Webinar Times

4 March


We will run two live sessions at:


What you will get from this webinar:

  • The key principles to build your own Excel planning tools in minutes.
    (Or for that matter, any other Excel-based tool used in business operations…)
  • A step-by-step guide to the logic that will identify material shortages – using demand, BOMs, inventory and purchase orders. How to process thousands of data rows in seconds… at the push of a button!
  • A full version of our Development Template and the knowledge of how to get started with it.
    Plus a copy of the fully-functioning material planning tool that we build – live on the webinar.

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