Material Planning Template Download

Thank you for trying out our Material Planning Template.  Please download your file below. 

Material Planning Template Download

Here is a 2-minute video that is a quick-start guide to using the template.

The Material Planning Template will help you plan materials for a manufacturing business. 

Enter the Product Demand, Bill of Material and Inventory.  Then view an inventory projection and calculate material requirements over hundreds of purchased items.  The result is clarity on what to order, how much and when – everything you need to meet customer demand. 

  • BOM Explosion.  Convert product demand to purchased components – calculates in seconds.
  • Material Report.  Shows a projection of inventory against min-max – set the replenishment targets and see how much you will have on-hand.
  • Supply Actions.  What items to order, how much and when is it due?  
  • Item Analysis.  Simple demand analysis showing trend and measuring variability.
  • The workbook is unlocked and free for lifetime use
  • Built with the Fast Excel Development Template from
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