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Advanced Planning Tools in Excel

Your business depends on meeting your customer promises. There are constraints in material and capacity that stand in the way.

Sadly, MRP will not give you all the answers. The right planning system can manage capacity in minutes and predict your constraints. It is flexible to adapt your business.

Excel is the number one software platform in manufacturing. You have it and know how to use it. With our help, you can create powerful Excel-based planning and scheduling tools. Production systems that fits your business. All without spending thousands of dollars on packaged software.

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Here is what we have got for you:

  • A fully functional planning system in Excel.
    PS Cycles is an example planning system. Everything unlocked and open for you to adapt to your business. Download it now for free.
  • The Fast Excel Development Method.
    A proven way to build your own Excel-based planning and scheduling tools.
  • The Fast Excel Development Template.
    Fully loaded with time-saving macros and functions. Video tutorials get you up and running quickly.
  • How-To Articles and Ready-To-Use Tools.
    Available for download – subscribers only.

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The Fast Excel Development Methodology (FEDM) is a proven method to build planning systems with spreadsheets. It applies software-grade techniques to effectively manage data, calculations and reporting in an integrated system. is run by a group of operations management consultants. We make a living helping clients to solve the hardest planning and scheduling problems.

Many of the problems that we find are caused by a limitation in the ERP/MRP system. Often, our clients are already trying to bridge this gap with spreadsheets. They know that there is a problem with MRP logic. They are also aware that Advanced Planning and Scheduling systems can get very complicated and expensive.

Fortunately, there is a way to get advanced planning capability without more packaged software. Modern computers bring cheap, accessible number-crunching power to the desktop. Our methods use software-grade development techniques to harness this power in a simple and cost effective way.

What Are We Selling?

We give away information and planning tools to subscribers for free. The idea is to spread the word about Excel-based Advanced Planning. Help manufacturing professionals see through the misinformation about spreadsheets and apply best practices that eliminate the problems that comes with untamed Excel use.

We help our clients to tame Excel and build powerful planning and scheduling systems. By providing this information, we create awareness and generate demand for our consulting and training services.

What happens if you want to use our ideas for free and not pay us for consulting services? No problem. We are happy to share the knowledge and find new clients who want our help. If you are able to use these ideas to build your own tools, then you are most welcome.

All we ask is that you provide feedback in the comments and let us know how you benefit from our work.

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