Survey – Extracting SAP Data into Excel

We often find people who have found a way to output data from their ERP or accounting system into an Excel workbook. They then manipulate the data to produce the results they want.

This website primarily addresses planning. However, there are also many other functions that want to do this.

We help people automate the process, and the first step is to get the data to flow seamlessly from the ERP system into Excel.

Very often we get the ERP vendor to install an ODBC driver which allows fresh data to flow directly from the database tables into Excel.

We have worked this way with SAP Business One, but with the bigger SAP R/3 or S/4, getting hold of the data has always been problematical. We would like to share some of the tricks that we have learned.

Before we draw up an agenda, we would like to ask for some input from SAP users and their experience in extracting data into Excel.

Thank you for your time in reading this and completing the survey..

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