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A lot of people find this website looking for a material planning template. We talk about the difference between a planning template and a planning tool. And why a planning tool is better.

We also provide a Fast Excel Development Template. This is different to a planning template. A planning template helps with one type of planning process- it has the planning logic built into it. The Development Template is for building many types of planning tools. It has no planning function but lots of development functions.

Imagine you need a building. I could give you a template for a shed. Follow the template and you get a shed.

You can use the shed for a few things. Storing your garden equipment. Maybe a place to keep your (PS Cycles) bike.

It is a good shed – as far as sheds go. As a building, the shed is somewhat limited in size, function and flexibility.

Alternatively, imagine if I could give you a house.

Also, what if I could teach you how to build houses AND give you a toolkit and methods to make any kind of building for yourself?

The house is bigger, allows you to do more with it. And has greater potential for more conversion and expansion.

And if you wanted to convert or expand, you would be equipped to do it. To make your house fit the way you want to use it.

A planning template is the shed. A planning tool is the house. And the Fast Excel Development Template is the toolkit.

Our education tells you how to build a range of tools with it (and templates, systems…) . For example, the Fast Excel e-Learning and our new Fast Excel Development Template Fundamentals course.

Now, it must be said: it is easier to use a shed than it is to learn how to build a house. You could get going quickly with a template and you might never need to learn how to build a tool. For those who want their houses or tools ready-built, we provide free planning tools to download. They are examples of the tools that we have built before using the Development Template. And many people get good value from ready-built tools without having to do any building work themselves.

This got us thinking though. What if we set out to build a good planning template with our Development Template? Well, here is one example. It is a Material Planning Template and it generates a simple inventory plan from finished product demand.

It has some limitations – flat BOM, no purchase order reconciliation, no connection with the ERP or accounting system. It is, after all, a shed not a house.

Here is a quick-start video to learn about it and you can download the template for free by completing the form below.

Download the Material Planning Template

Let us know in the comments how you get on with the template and whether you prefer a shed, a house or to learn how to build your own home.

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