The QuickStart Guide to Capacity Planning


Here is the download link.


  1. Watch the webinar replay first. The system will make much more sense.
  2. Download the zip file and extract directly to your C Drive. You should have these folders:
    • C:\P-S_Quickstart
    • C:\P-S_Quickstart\Data
  3. If you have not run macros or used external data before then do this:
    • File > Options > Trust Center > Trust Center Settings >
    • .. Macro Settings >
      • ..Check “Enable All Macros (this is highly recommended as useful code can run)”
      • .. Check “Trust Access to the VBA Project Object Model”
    • .. External Content > Check “Enable All Data Connections (also recommended)”
    • OK > OK
    • You will only have to do this once per machine
  4. Open the file Capacity_Planning_Training_End_v2.xlsm
  5. View the slides and data (blue tabs)
  6. Run the tool from the Menu Sheet “Update from Local”
  7. Change the dataset in the “FilePath Data Local” box and use the “Update Text Files Location” button
  8. Run again as step 6.
  9. View results in Reports (yellow tabs).
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