Supply Chain Planning and Production Scheduling with Spreadsheets

This is an information resource to help you build supply chain planning and production scheduling systems with spreadsheets. Here you will find tutorials, templates and downloads that can be used for planning of demand and supply using Microsoft Excel.

You will see that Excel is a fast and flexible platform for planning.  Operations and supply chain professionals need to apply logic and rules that fit the business.  There is a gap between packaged software systems and the needs of the company.  We help you apply development principles that give you powerful calculations that are exactly fitted to your production and planning processes.

By following these principles, you can build a planning and scheduling system that integrates perfectly with the host MRP/ERP system. This means you can build worksheets that perform powerful calculations, enable multiple users and a single version of the truth.

The Fast Excel Development Method is a set of techniques to use best practices that avoid many of the problems associated with spreadsheets.  This supports a rapid development to automate many manual Excel jobs and perform fast and simple prediction, modeling and production control.   You can also visit our section on How to Build a System and get practical advice for approaching a development.

We have complete systems that perform planning and scheduling for demand and supply in a manufacturing, retail or distribution business.  You can download these demos for free.  We have also created a development template that you can use to quick-start the development of a production planning tool.  The template has macros that automate many of the tasks without the need to learn Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).  View tutorials on using this tool.  This is available to download for those who register to our site for free.

This information resource is built and maintained by a group of consultants who help people like you to solve their material and production planning problems.  All using a familiar software that they already own with no licence costs or long, complicated implementations.

Exactly the logic you need for your production and planning processes, implemented in a fast, reliable and familiar environment.

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